Uganda Days 2-5

I said in my last post that I would talk about how God is bringing blessings to Uganda through S.O.S. and how I saw it first-hand. Today I’ll explain these things more in-depth.

On our second day in Uganda, our group had the opportunity to lead a chapel service for the Legacy Christian Academy. I played a guitar that I borrowed from the worship leader there, but I didn’t have a pick or a strap, so it was an adventure to try and keep the guitar up and play it loud enough for everyone to hear!

After chapel, we were allowed to visit any classroom we wanted to. It was so much fun to get involved in the daily classroom activities, like grading papers and reading stories. After spending some time there, we were taken to the local public school to compare the great education the Legacy students are getting to the public school education. When we arrived, we were greeted by dirt floors and worn out equipment. Students were crammed into classrooms, sometimes 90 to a teacher. The switches used by teachers to whip their students sat in corners. Seeing this made us realized how blessed the community is to have a great school like Legacy there. 

After visiting the school, we worked laying lines down on S.O.S’s basketball court, and then we had dinner at one of the missionary family’s houses.

On our third day, we worked on the holes for the fence I mentioned in my last post in the morning. After that, we had a boda ride to the nearest town for lunch. A boda is a motorcycle taxi. It was an amazing way to experience the countryside of Uganda, even if I was worried about a rock going into my eye the whole time!

After an exciting ride and a delicious lunch, we went to the church where we joined up with the third graders from Legacy and did a “Spiritual Camp.” We had lessons on the power of God over sin, death, sickness, and nature. It was a joy to be able to play the guitar for these children and aid them in worshipping God! The kids spent the night at the church, and after finishing up with the camp the next morning, we set off on a road trip to our safari.

After a 4 hour drive through the countryside, we arrived at Murchison Falls State Park, where we were able to see the Nile River cascade down a huge waterfall in what is one of the most breathtaking displays of God’s power I’ve ever seen. After spending the night under mosquito nets by the Nile River with monkeys on our roof and hippos grunting in the river, we set off on our safari. What an amazing experience! The views of the African savannah were endless, and we were able to see giraffes, elephants, hippos, antelope, water buffalo, a crocodile, warthogs, hyenas, and even a lion cub. The beauty and vastness of God’s creation was amazing to behold.

After the safari, we went back to S.O.S. where a very special dinner was planned for us. This is when I got to see first-hand how God is changing the community there through S.O.S.

Our group was divided up into groups of 2-3 people and sent out into the village to eat dinner at different homes. The family I had dinner with lived down a tiny path through the jungle in a small one room brick home with a metal roof and no windows. They had six children, and also had their brother and sister-in-law and their six kids living with them. They served us a delicious meal, but that was not what mattered.

What mattered and what really impacted me was their testimony. The husband and wife had been living in an immoral relationship for years, and had most of their kids while in this relationship. When S.O.S. came to their village, they became Christians and were married in the church there. Their family was quickly transformed from sin and abuse to one that seeked to honor God. The father radiated with love for Christ, and he obviously adored his wife and children and was very proud of the fact that they were now married and were honoring God with their lives. To me, this was one of the most impactful things on our whole trip, to see how God had changed even one family through S.O.S. and more importantly through the Gospel.

I’ll cover my last two days in Uganda, and my thoughts and applications from the trip in a post on Sunday. I’ve only given a brief summary of the trip, but I hope it’s encouraged you in some way so far, and I hope I can impress upon you what you can take away from this in my next post on Sunday.



  1. Courtney

    I LOVED reading this Johnathan! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I love how God is using you!

    Keep shining for Him!
    Courtney 🙂

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