Introducing Our New Winter 2017 Study!

Welcome!  It’s time to introduce our new Winter 2017 Bible Study.  We will be going through the book of 1 Samuel together.

We are reading through the Bible – one chapter a day – 5 days a week.  Every Monday, we’ll kick off the week with free resources and accountability here on the blog and on Fridays, I’ll be here to wrap-up our week in the Word, with a devotional.  If you want to join in, I encourage you to purchase a Journal on Amazon. The link is below!

We’ll be starting in the book of 1 Samuel Monday, January 9th.

The {optional} Good Morning Guys 1 Samuel Journal
is available now exclusively on Amazon.

I’ll be back here after the holidays to give you more details and free resources to help you in your study.

Until then, I encourage you to subscribe in the sidebar so you don’t miss a post and follow me out on Instagram at GuysInTheWord.

I hope you’ll join us in the new year as we grow in Christ! Have a wonderful, Christ-filled Christmas and remember that the real reason we celebrate is because of our great salvation in Jesus Christ.


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  1. V.J.

    I don’t see where one can sign up to join the Bible study….?

    • Johnathan

      Hi V.J. There’s no need to sign up, just follow along with us using the resources provided every Monday. There will be a blog post once a week written about the passages we cover as well. Journals with the Verses of the Day and Reflection Questions are also available for purchase on Amazon. The link is in the article above. These are a great help in following along with the study and recording your own thoughts. Hope you can join us!

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