Welcome back to the Good Morning Guys Study through Judges!

If you’re new, feel free to jump right in and follow along. Everything you need for this week is below, including this week’s Bible Reading Plan, Reflection Questions, and Verses of the Day.  Don’t forget to check back on Friday for my weekly blog post.

Here’s This Week’s Bible Reading Plan

Monday – Judges 16

Tuesday – Judges 17

Wednesday – Judges 18

Thursday – Judges 19

Friday – Judges 20-21

The Reflection Questions for the Week

{These questions are included inside the journal .  If you do not have the journal, I encourage you to reflect on these questions and answer them in your notebook.}

Monday-Chapter 16:

Samson’s choice to follow his own human nature allowed him to be captured by his enemies.

Name a time when you ignored God’s instructions and you failed.

Tuesday-Chapter 17:

During these times, everyone did what was right in their own eyes.

What problems arise when we all do what we feel is right instead of seeking out God’s counsel first?

Wednesday-Chapter 18:

The priest was easily convinced to help those who robbed Micah with the promise of a promotion.

Have you ever been placed in a situation where you had to choose between personal desires and God’s desires?

Thursday-Chapter 19:

The Levite and the man of the house protected themselves over the protection of the women in the home. They selfishly did what was right in their own eyes.

Selfishness hurts those around us, especially those in our own home. Do you struggle with selfishness in your home?

Friday-Chapter 20:

God waited until Israel was willing to confront their own sin before delivering the victory to them against the tribe of Benjamin.

Is there something God is attempting to get you to confront so that He can bless you?

Chapter 21:

The tribe of Benjamin was allowed to rebuild after they had been dealt with.

Name a time that you had to rebuild certain areas of your own life to get back on track with God.

The Verses of the Day

Monday: O Lord God, please remember me and please strengthen me-Judges 16:28

Tuesday: In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes-Judges 17:6

Wednesday: Go in peace. The journey on which you go is under the eye of the Lord-Judges 18:6

Thursday: Peace be to you-Judges 19:20

Friday: Purge evil-Judges 20:13

In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes-Judges 21:25


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