Welcome!  My name is Johnathan Mizener. I’m Courtney Joseph’s nephew, and I’m so excited to be writing for the new Good Morning Guys Bible Study!

I’m 17 years old and a senior in high school at a small Christian school. I enjoy running, playing the guitar, eating ice cream, hiking with friends, anything related to cars, and just hanging out with my family.

My mom, Jen, is Courtney’s sister, and she has been married to my dad, John, for 23 years. I also have 1 sister, Julianna, who is 14 and a freshman.

At my school I play on our worship team for our weekly worship services, run cross country, and serve on the student council. I also just returned from a truly life-changing missions trip to the Dominican Republic with 25 other students from my school, and it really gave me a renewed passion for missions around the world.

At my church, I play on the worship team and help with our monthly outreach to impoverished children in the inner-city. I love serving God’s people and I love to write, so I’m so thankful for the opportunity to write for this Bible study.

I pray this Bible study helps you to grow in Christ like never before, and if you don’t know God, I pray this Bible study will help bring you into a relationship with Him. That’s the most important thing to me, and to see young men like myself know God deeply and live for Him without holding back is a huge burden on my heart.

It’s time for us as young men to stand up and stand out from the world, and to be leaders to those around us. I pray this Bible study helps you do that!

We’ll be starting in the book of Joshua September 5th. I hope you’ll join us as we grow in Christ!